What are business jumpers and why they will never succeed in life

A business jumper or job jumper is a person with a track record of keeping employment only for a limited time before moving to another business or employer.

In a normal job with an employer, jumpers usually have no problems. That’s because you get paid for your time, regardless of the energy and time you’ve invested before. So time is always exchanged for money – that’s the deal. Therefore, you always earn the same amount of money depending on the job. So you can not develop yourself.

But what about an online business? Does it make sense to jump from business to business constantly to try something new over and over again?

Questions and answers can be found in this post.

What is the point of an online business?

An online business is not at all comparable to a regular job. In an online business you always start at zero. This may sound negative to newbies, but the potential for growth is enormous. Once you understand that, you also understand why it makes no sense to jump from business to business.

So the point of an online business is to make money and add great value, but also have time to enjoy life. In the beginning, you work more than you earn, later you earn more than you work. Depending on the business, you eventually do not even have to work anymore and still earn money.

The goal of any entrepreneur is to achieve unlimited freedom through online business. In addition, it is a great feeling when you have built up something big – even if it is “only” digital.

Unlike a physical business, you have far less cost, less risk, and less work in a digital business. As a rule, there are no fixed working hours, you can work from home and there are no or only a few obligations – depending on your business type.

Okay, so basically this is a dream job everyone wants, right? Why does not everyone do it? Questions that everyone asks…

This has several reasons. Amongst other things:

  1. People do not believe in that
  2. People are afraid of changes in their lives
  3. People give up (too fast)

At point 3, people either give up completely or hop from business to business, niche to niche, shiny object to shiny object… until they finally fail at everything and eventually give up as well.

Business jumpers never succeed

In general, a business jumper is an impatient person who expects quick results or quick money.
Even if a business jumper succeeds, these achievements are often not enough.
Only $30 revenue in the first month? Too little. The Business Jumper expects at least $1000 in the first month.
He simply does not understand the principle of online business. He does not understand that a business has to build up slowly.

Of course, there are also online business that build up quickly. As a rule, however, high investments are needed for this.

Traditional business jumpers are mainly found in MLM business as well as in Internet marketing in general.

The key to success

A true entrepreneur never gives up, neither at good times nor at bad times. With a burning desire, he wants to achieve his goals under all circumstances. He learns from mistakes. He always looks forward and never back. His business mindset is optimal.
Only when a project is completed, the entrepreneur may turn to a new project or expand his existing project. If he has a lot of free time and perseverance, he may be building several projects at the same time.

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Stephan Bolinski

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