Why the wolf is my role model both in business and in private life

Sadly, many people believe that the wolf is an aggressive beast only intent on killing other creatures. In their imagination, the evil Alpha Wolf dominates his pack, only to take benefits of it – in wolves who live in captivity, this is often true. However, with wolves living in freedom, the truth is quite different.

Wolves crave just like people for love, tenderness, security, entertainment and the joy of life. For free-living wolves the safety of the pack has the highest priority.

In this article, I’ll go into more detail about free-living wolves and give examples of how I implement it for my private life and online business.

The wolf parents are true leaders

In most wolf families, the female determines where to go and the male takes care of all the other important things. These include, above all, ensure the safety of all family members and make all decisions.

The male is a true authority with great responsibility: his decisions are never questioned, and he is both given great trust and great respect. He teaches family members everything they need to know in order to one day start, protect, and take care of their own family. Everything he does is studied in detail by the others and is imitated in detail. And everything happens on a voluntary basis. Nobody is forced to do anything. The wolves follow their leader because they trust him.

It could also be called “The power of duplication”. And that is exactly the point when it comes to being successful in network marketing. As a Team Leader, I try to be a role model so that my members will be just as successful as me. I show how to do and they immitate me. And if one of my team members needs me, I try to help him as best I can. Just like the wolf.

I don’t want to create followers, I want to create leaders!

Wolves have life goals

The goal of the wolf parent parts is primarily to ensure the survival of the family, to raise the youngsters and to defend the territory. They have made these goals a mission of life and therefore they are doing everything to reach them.

These are actually exactly the goals that most people have. Only in contrast to most other people I set myself further goals: I have always longed for absolute freedom. Absolute freedom can only be achieved if you have a lot of money. So I had no choice but to strive for success in the online business. I take this goal very much to heart and made it my life’s mission.

Wolves never give up

A wolf never gives up. As hard as it tries to stand strong, nothing will bring them down!

He struggles to his last breath to ensure his and his family’s survival. After an unsuccessful hunt, he would simply prepare for the next hunt – without frustration, without negative feelings and without looking back in time.

That’s exactly what I do. My failures are just taken note of by me. I learn from my mistakes and make it better in the future. Wailing finally does not get me anywhere. Look forward and not back – that’s my motto.

Wolves are social animals with feelings

Well, with many people it has not come to mind that animals have feelings just like us. So I had to emphasize it at this point.

Wolves do a lot of things together: they hunt, they play, they cuddle and they kiss (lick) each other. A normal social behavior that is very similar to that of humans.

Just because wolves go hunting does not mean they are evil. They have to hunt to survive or starve to death – they can not go to the supermarket like us.

They play almost the same way little human children do (at least in the time before the PlayStation existed): they play catch, scrabble, or tug at objects. But also tenderness games in the form of mutual grooming, kissing or just lie close together are quite normal in their everyday lives.

Well, I don’t want to go into detail here, but I like to do similar things as well.


If you don’t have the necessary drive, burning desire or obsession to succeed then you are never going to become successful. That is fact.

But if you truly want success then be like a wolf and get what you deserve out of life!

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Stephan Bolinski

Stephan Bolinski

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